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Water Damage Restoration, Fire & Smoke Damage Repair and Mold Removal Services

Ever since 2003, Premier Restoration Services has been supplying services to San Antonio, Texas. Our customers have trusted us to deliver outstanding fire and water damage recovery, and business cleaning services. Regardless if the job is large or small, we work with each client to identify their particular requirements and develop a scope of work.

San Antonio Water Damage Restoration
Water damage may come from a variety of causes:

Flooding, storms, heavy drains, leaking or suspended pipes and much more. Premier Restoration Services provides emergency response solutions, which allow us to work quickly, and attempt to minimize the loss as fast as possible.

During our water damage restoration solutions, we will:
  • Extract standing water and move salvageable items
  • Determine the remaining degree of moisture and Determine the best course of actions for removal
  • Implement a drying process to stop mold growth
  • Clean and deodorize the property and contents
Water Damage Mitigation
Our first task in a water damage site is to assess the damage. When it is not immediately clear, we identify that the source of the issue. Starting the mitigation procedure quickly is important

In case the water, and it’s resulting harm, is not addressed in a timely manner, the damage can continue to distort. In other words, the charge to renew and the opportunity to restore can rise the longer the water stays. That is why calling a professional water damage restoration company right away can alleviate additional stress and prices. Premier Restoration Services works economically and effectively to turn a home into a home again or minimize business interruption as far as you can.

Water Extraction
Our comprehensive Extraction process allows us to thoroughly dry out the affected regions
We tailor the extraction and restoration methods to satisfy each client, and their specific circumstance. One of the first steps is removing the materials, which is moved to our warehouse and saved.
The harm caused from smoke may continue to destroy your home or office construction, even after the fire is extinguished

That is why taking action quickly to hire a expert smoke and fire damage restoration business is vital. Premier Restoration Services provides both fire and smoke damage restoration services to the San Antonio region.

Restoring property damaged by fire and smoke should not be regarded as a DIY job.
Without the perfect equipment, knowledge and instruction, you might actually be generating additional damage and injury

Choose The Experts for Your San Antonio Restoration Services

in business since 2003
Our Credentials
  • I.I.C.R.C Master Water Restorer
  • I.I.C.R.C Master Cleaner
  • I.I.C.R.C Master Fire Restorer
  • State Licensed Mold Remediation Contractor
  • Texas State Licensed Adjuster
Our trained technicians Use industry best practices

Our trained technicians use industry best practices to reunite your building residential, commercial or multi-family — back into its pre-loss condition after a fire. In order to salvage as much of their structure and contents as possible, our teams act fast to initiate the fire and water reduction procedure.

If your house has experienced damage because of a fire, get in touch with Premier Restoration Services as soon as possible. We’ll be your partner every step along the way, and also may work closely with you insurance business to help streamline the whole process.

State Licensed Mold Remediation Contractor in San Antonio, TX

It is necessary when one has had symptoms of mold appear in their home or office environment. It’s very common following a flood or other water damage has happened, but could also occur in a house that has not been subjected to water. If mold is left on your structure, it could result in serious health dangers and everyday problems for you and everyone else that resides there. We offer mold removal, mold remediation, and other services to make your home or office a secure place to reside or work again. Call our help line at (210) 650-3330  to acquire more info and get a free quote.

Why Choose Premier Restoration San Antonio?

Our technicians have been providing expert air duct cleaning services to businesses and homes for a long time

Our top-notch process makes it possible for us to reach back into the duct work for a complete clean. Each of the debris extracted from the HVAC system is gathered into our equipment for disposal.
24/7 Restoration Services

Premier Restoration Services San Antonio has a strong track record of successfully completing a broad selection of residential and business building and development projects. Our project coordinators are there to assist your house regain in as timely in a manner as possible. We realize the importance of returning life back to normal — be it to your home or business.

That’s why Premier Restoration Services San Antonio is reliable with the world’s most important projects, yours.

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