Fire Damage Restoration Services in San Antonio

There's nothing more shocking than a fire in your residence or business

According to the National Fire Protection Association, a fire occurs every 65 seconds. After the fire is out and the smoke clears, emergency fire response teams in Premier Restoration Services San Antonio is ready to assist. A successful emergency response during the initial 24-48 hours following a fire is crucial to conserving as much property as you can. It is incorrect to presume that since the fire is out that the harm has been done. Smoke and soot are extremely acidic. They will continue to do damage if they are not neutralized and eliminated as soon as possible. Additionally, the efforts used to put the fire out will have additional tens of thousands of gallons of water, which will also continue to damage the construction and your personal possessions.

What We Know About Fire Damage Repair

Expert San Antonio Fire Damage Restoration

Using the incorrect procedure or cleansing product could cause more irreversible damage to items which have been restored. Cleaning anything damaged by fire requires special abilities and training. 

Premier Restoration Services San Antonio experts have the training necessary to comprehend the complexities involved in specialist fire damage recovery. Our group has certified hands-on training and experience in the use of the latest restoration technology. With access to continual protocol and support consultations, we remain completely committed to you and the security of your company.

Every Fire Damage Cleanup is Different

We possess the necessary capabilities to revive the your residence or business back to normal quickly. If you have any questions or would like to setup a consultation with our passion restoration specialists, please call us now.
Smoke & Soot Odors

We Mastered Fire Restoration in San Antonio

Smoke and soot are the by-products of incomplete combustion which create distinct scents. It’s likewise feasible that these remaining substances can be deflecting in nature and further undermine you and your household’s health and well- being. That is another reason why seasoned professional must perform fire restoration. Charred surfaces have to be removed. Structural materials that reveal signs of considerable fire damage must be eliminated and replaced. Only sealing them won’t eliminate smells. 

To eliminate odors, you have to take out the source of the odor; from this circumstance, any flame damaged structural components. Smoke seeps into your housing material because hot temperatures naturally go toward cooler one’s if they are able to. That is why smoke can permeate into kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets, or between walls and into insulation.

The odors of fire will not go off if the areas at which the smoke penetrated aren’t treated and exposed. Premier Restoration Services San Antonio technicians understand this and that is the reason why we can be successful eliminating scents where other inexperienced contractors cannot.

Our Restoration Professionals Exceed Expectations
Smoke and fire can quickly ruin homes like nothing else

It may put the structural security of your house or business property in question and obliterate files, images, and other significant products. Aside from the hassle of needing to take care of the aftermath of a home fire, there’s also an intensely stressful psychological component of the restoration procedure. Our team at Premier Restoration Services San Antonio knows you and those close to you are going through a challenging time. You can trust that we’re going to offer caring, instant solutions to your house.

Even though many possessions and memories might have been lost, our home restoration specialists promise quality function and recovery solutions to make sure your property is like brand new again.

These are just the fundamentals

But Why Choose Our Fire Restoration Company?

Our teams at Premier Restoration Services San Antonio put their best foot forward to revive your home or commercial property to its pre-damaged state, meaning we will work until you’re happy with the final product

We also completely tackle the smoke damage within a house or business property after a fire. By the time we are finished, your house will not only look good on the outside, it will be a perfect fit on the inside too!

Our group has certified hands-on training and experience in the use of the latest restoration technology. With access to continual protocol and support consultations, we remain completely committed to you and the security of your company.

What Goes into Fire Restoration in San Antonio?

  • Removing damaged components: Any unsafe components which aren't able to be restored are eliminated from the home. Attempting to cover up these issues can irritate them in the long run.
  • Removing floors: To stop the collection of soot, dust, and other harmful components, we eliminate any floor coverings which could promote an unhealthy or dangerous environment.
  • Assessing structural framing: We take extra steps to make sure that the unseen areas of the house, such as framing and subfloor stuff, are up to security standards.
  • Treating for pollution and odor: If framing could be saved, we handle it with odor counteractants that ensure no parasitic contamination exists.
  • Removing or Fixing the HVAC system: That is critical. Removing or restoring the machine can ensure no dangerous particles will disperse throughout the air and cause potential health problems.