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Most homeowners believe that they only need to clean out the mold, sadly this is incorrect. If mold remediation is not correctly managed on the affected region, then the problem will just return at a later date. The area has to be properly handled, cleaned, disinfected, sanitized, dehumidified, as well aired out in order to make certain you don’t wind up dealing with the issue again and again.

As mold specialists, Premier Restoration Services San Antonio is aware of the threat posed by uncontrolled mold growth, and we remove mold and provide mold damage restoration in San Antonio, as among our many services.

Why is Mold Dangerous

Why Contract Our Mold Restoration Team San Antonio?

Molds reproduce by means of little spores that float through the atmosphere outside, and inside. It’s important that moldy air ducts be cleared under negative pressure to keep the mold spores from spreading

Without black mold removal in San Antonio, the development inside can produce allergens, irritants, and even hazardous substances. Outside the home, pollens are diluted enough that they don’t cause any issues except for the most hyper allergenic individuals.

But from the restricted spaces of the indoor environment, like mold growth in air ducts, molds reach higher concentrations and can cause health problems. Allergic reactions are more common and severe, and include influenza fever-type symptoms, such as coughing, runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash.

Mold can hide where you least expect it as you may not immediately realize whenever there is mold in HVAC ducts until you start feeling symptoms, therefore it is imperative that you get mold testing and mold cleanup in San Antonio done as soon as possible. After mold detection along with the mold assessments are complete, we can begin the mold damage cleanup.

How Does Premier Restoration Do Mold Damage Cleanup?

After the mold inspectors have identified the mold, Premier Restoration Services San Antonio will typically consist of isolation, cleansing and/or removal of carpeting infected materials, and a clearing review.

The isolation generally consists of a light wood frame with vinyl sheeting stretched with a small entrance for the employees with a small sheet to covering exterior. For small areas, if a longer wall was infected, the frame with the plastic sheeting would be open on the side of the mold damaged wall and could be fastened into the ceiling and wall with tape. Within the containment region, all openings like air vents and doors must be sealed to stop spreading contaminants to other areas of the construction.

An air machine using is attached to an opening in the containment drawing air in the infected region, filtering it, and then ventilation it outside of the home. The negative air pressure this keeps in the containment keeps any of the mold spores and other contaminants from escaping and affecting other parts of the building while the cleanup is in process. 

When the containment is in place and damaging air pressure is maintained, you will discover that the sheeting will billow inwards. This is a clear indication that negative pressure in the containment is being isolated and that contaminants won’t escape through the mold elimination. Once secure attainment is reached, the mold cleanup can begin.

Why do You need professional mold Damage Restoration Services?

During the Mold Damage Service contaminated substances, our experts will wear protective gear to protect themselves while working within the containment region

Based upon the size and seriousness of the project, this may include full respirators, gloves, and full body suits including foot caps, together with all gaps like those around the ankles and wrists sealed, usually with duct tape. Generally speaking, the cleaning procedures used include wet vacuuming, moist cleaning, vacuuming, and removing and discarding broken substances, based on the substance and severity of contamination.

Upholstery are usually wet vacuumed, vacuumed, and thrown away. Other porous materials such as shingles will be vacuumed and discarded. Wood surfaces are often wet vacuumed, moist wiped, and vacuumed. Based upon the amount of mold contamination, the wood surfaces may also be removed and stained. Air duct mold is treated carefully because it could spread spores into different rooms. Non-porous hard surfaces like plastics or metals can usually be moist vacuumed, damp wiped, and vacuumed. The more porous that the material is the more probable it will have to be removed and discarded. Less porous material are more likely to be decontaminated and saved. Once all the contaminated substances are removed or cleaned, and the whole included region has been cleaned, the clearance review can happen.

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Our main purpose is to use our mold services to get the mold in house cleared and washed out as fast as we can to stop further damage

What permits us to help and revive a home comes from our seasoned mold mitigation experts and the high-quality equipment.

Your search for mold removal services near you is finished. Premier Restoration Services offers mold damage restoration in San Antonio to commercial and residential properties. Whether you have a little home in need of mold repairs or complete black mold remediation, we’ve got the tools and expertise necessary to deal with all mold, big or small.