San Antonio Residential Restoration

Our professional team is adept at handling and reversing water and fire damage of any extent
From a minor flow to an entire kitchen fire, there’s no catastrophe we can’t fix. Our greatest fire and water restoration solutions is your fix all solution to your restoration problem!

Expert Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Both fire and smoke will damage your property unlike any other kind of tragedy. It isn’t safe to even be in the house

If your home has been damaged by smoke or fire, you may require Premier Restoration Services San Antonio solutions. But what does fire/smoke damage recovery demand? Our restoration professionals will make sure your home is not harmed anymore because of weakened structures or potential water damage.

Cleanup and removal. Smoke is often too tricky to wash out by yourself. Most things will require a deep clean or sanding and refinishing. Some parts might be more expensive to clean rather than replace.

Painted surfaces damaged by smoke or fire will have to be carefully sanded and repaired. Matters that cannot be substituted will have to be carefully fixed. Sometimes a home can be damaged by a fire that it is cheaper and faster to rekindle compared to revive everything the way it was. Premier Restoration Services San Antonio provides home renovation services to assist your home have a fresh start.

Call Premier Restoration Services San Antonio contractors now for a free review of any flame and/or smoke harm to your dwelling. Premier Restoration Services San Antonio contractors hires the finest and most seasoned fire and smoke damage restoration professionals at the San Antonio area so your house will be in great hands.

Our restoration technicians will work overtime to reverse any fire and smoke damage and ensure your house is safe once again. All that you know and love will be back soon!

Our group has certified hands-on training and experience in the use of the latest restoration technology. With access to continual protocol and support consultations, we remain completely committed to you and the security of your company.

Top Water Damage Restoration in San Antonio

You may have water damage if you have had any of the following in your home:

Leaking or leak pipes 

Leaking pipes can go unnoticed for extended periods of time, resulting in unnoticed water damage under cabinets and sinks.

Faulty hot water heater, dishwasher, dishwasher, washing machine or another appliance

Over time, hoses become diminished and plumbing can crack, causing family appliances to leak.

Leaking HVAC unit

Recall that air conditioners have to be serviced regularly to prevent moisture accumulation. 

Once your gutters are clogged, then rain may run down the trunk of your house, possibly leaking in your walls.

Overflowed bathroom

When the drain or main sewer line gets clogged, your toilet can flood polluted water into your toilet.

If it is your house influenced by the rising floodwater, give Premier Restoration Services San Antonio a call. We are going to send a team straight away to remove the standing water, dry the area and prevent mold growth.

We use the best water damage restoration procedure and tools for the job!


Professional Mold Damage Restoration

Premier Restoration Services San Antonio experts provide the most professional mold damage restoration and mold remediation services in the San Antonio area. How can you know if your house has mold? Signs of mold damage can contain:
  • You recently had water damage in the flooded toilet, burst pipe, etc..
  • Your walls have dark or colored stains
  • Your air heating or cooling smells weird
  • Your background is peeling
  • You're constantly coughing or sneezing in your property

Mold is most commonly seen in dark, dank areas if your house, Including the basement, attic and crawlspace. Keep in mind that mold may cause respiratory difficulties and illness, especially in young children and seniors, therefore it is important to have any mold damage in your home cared for as soon as possible.

If you suspect you’ve got mold damage from your home, call Premier Restoration Services San Antonio today. Our group of licensed home restoration professionals utilizes innovative mold remediation equipment to rid your house of mold spores and mold spores quickly and efficiently.

That is why our technicians react immediately, coming with strong air movers and dehumidification equipment to wash out the building structure whilst preventing mold development. After the gear is set up, we’ll proceed to the restoration process of your contents. Whether they’re revived on site or at our center, we will have them returned with their original conditions as soon as possible.