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Premier Restoration Services San Antonio provides superior repair solutions for your house or commercial property. Our roofing contractors have the expertise and knowledge in dealing with storm damage insurance claims. Call on our experts to revive your roof promptly and economically.

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Our hail damage repair experts are available to provide hail or storm damage repair support that your home or construction needs.

Your broken roof must be put back together properly and that is exactly why Premier Restoration Services San Antonio will always work hard to acquire your insurance claim handled quickly and reasonably. When dealing with hail damage insurance claims, our roofers will provide specialist management of your own insurance coverage and quality workmanship for all your roof repair or roof recovery requirements.

Dealing with roof repairs from storm damage cleanup in San Antonio is sometimes only the start. Many times, our clients have also experienced damage to gutters, siding as well as their fencing. They may have roof leaks which have expanded to the inside of their house, causing damage to both ceilings and walls. That is why we offer complete, storm damage restoration in San Antonio for home and business owners that deal with recent damage from intense weather like wind or hailstones.

Hail Hitting Roof

Our Storm Restoration Company in San Antonio

We look for even minor signs of harm by thoroughly scrutinizing the entire property. The report filed is complete and covers every part of your dwelling. This helps to assess the amount of damage that your house has obtained after a storm or other all-natural calamity.

In case of roof or window exposure, we initially offer temporary upward window-board and roof tarping services.

If a large amount of water is collected in the home, we make sure that our team extracts it all. With a goal to dry out the home fully, we use industrial-grade dehumidifiers and fans to eliminate the moisture.

We return your home or company to its pre-loss conditions by offering extensive repair providers. We prevent mold growth and other infections by spraying anti-fungal agents. We can help you regarding the filing of your storm damage insurance claim.

Since we’re the best storm damage repair builders in San Antonio, you can expect the subsequent elite services from us.

For those who have spent some time in San Antonio, they understand the types of storms that are likely throughout the year, most of them causing storm harm. 

There is the normal summertime storm, bringing with it heavy downpours, light, and hail. When you consider an ice ball about the size and weight of a golf club fired at 200 miles from the surface of a large cloud and smacking straight in your rooftop, then it is vital to get your roof checked out. 

After a storm has passed, then you might assess your home’s gutter drains to inspect for any ice buildup. If you don’t see any, it may simply indicate it has melted, but you may want to call us anyhow. We’re happy to discuss your care program.

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Premier Restoration Services San Antonio will work hard to get your roof repairs approved by offering assistance to our customers
We can offer quality roofing-services, in addition to genuinely caring about the people behind the roof-repair, roof-restoration, or even roof-installation. We provide the physical repairs your roof needs to stay secure and fully functional. Should you need assistance understanding the claims process, call on one of our experts. We’ll gather all the photos, files, and details of your damaged home or commercial building and quickly to guarantee the best outcome.